Using Low Cost Merchandise For The Best

Posted on Friday, 16th November 2018

Business on a budget: How to do low-cost merchandise giveaways like a boss

Cost is important in business, and branded merchandise is no exception! Whether you are looking for more modestly priced items due to a generally restricted budget – or want a high-volume order – we’re here to help you make the right call with a few short tips on the subject. Let’s take a look.


Great for corporate giveaways

On a corporate scale, volume matters. It’s little use having a small group of a large company be given branded merchandise – consistency is a big deal, and you’ll get better results if more people are showing off and using their goodies.

Cheap promotional items make it easier to ensure that high coverage across a larger business. You’ll get better results this way – it’s that simple.


Suitable for experimentation

In some situations, it can be valuable to have a range of items to test for your corporate giveaways. Cheaper items make it easier to ‘split test’ a few different themes and products, helping you to narrow down what gets people talking in terms of promotional items.

If you’re planning to ramp up your sales process in the future, this kind of experimentation and testing is, dare we say it, mandatory if you want to maximise your chances of success at scale.


They’re easier on short notice

While our range of tech-heavy promotional items is fantastic in themselves, the higher cost can make a quick order more challenging on the budget. Cheap promotional giveaways are great if you see a quick opportunity to exploit, and that kind of agility in your branding and promotion can help you beat out the competition. 


We hope we’ve helped!

Thanks to the Branded Merchandise team for another handy blog. Do stop on by at our online store to browse our full range of products; they’re great if we do say so ourselves!