Promotional Gadgets and Technology

Posted on Friday, 16th November 2018

Gadgets and tech products: Fun and effective. Here’s how to nail the process every time.

It’s getting more than a little digital in 2018, and that makes it a great time to consider your very own branded tech gifts. Here are our thoughts on the subject – they’re a great investment. Keep reading!


Standing out matters

As with any promotional gifts, you’ll benefit greatly if you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Promotional gadgets are a great way to do this, as they’re unique and exciting.

Tech-related promotional items will have less competition with other companies at trade shows and meetings, making them more memorable and likely to be used. It’s that simple really, but it certainly works and makes a difference.


They’ll be used and shared more

Notebooks and pens are effective staples of branded merchandise, but they’re different from promotional technology. These items, while more of an investment per unit, are more likely to be shared around the office and used as centrepieces by your audience.

That’s a big deal. Branded Merchandise is all about word of mouth, and something that is shared with a larger audience will work better. Again, it’s that simple!


They reflect your company well

Promotional gadgets make a little bit of a buzz in any office. This is great for engagement, but there’s more: they will present your company as a little more ‘premium’ than the competition. A subtle difference, but one that positions and presents your business as a high-quality, no-nonsense company that is worth checking out.


Get your tech on

A few short, but valuable points. Thanks again to the Branded Merchandise team for writing them! If you’re interested in what we’ve talked about today, be sure to visit our site for our product list and more information.