Promotional Privacy Kit

Promotional Privacy Kit

The digital age is one of accessibility, transparency, and communication. However, with these changes come certain risks to your privacy! Ensure that you stay protected with our Privacy Kit. This luxurious giftbox, which is available in customisable full colour print, contains three smart gadgets, which are essential to securing your digital privacy. Firstly, the USB data blocker. Simply connect your USB with the data blocker before connecting your device to an external port. This will prevent any unauthorised data transfers.

Secondly, the RFID blocking card. Simply place this card in your wallet to protect your cards against skimming, where somebody can scan your contactless card! No batteries are required, and it protects cards on both sides within 5cm.

Thirdly, the webcam cover. This nifty gadget blocks the webcam on your laptop or computer, ensuring that nobody can film you without your permission! Full colour print options are available on the gift box, and the RFID card, whilst you can get 1-4 Colour/Full Colour on the data blocker and webcam cover, ensuring that you can showcase your brand or message in style!

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