Personal Protection Pack

Personal Protection Pack

Includes 2 protective face masks to keep airborne bacteria away, 2 disposable vinyl gloves, 5 sanitizing alcohol wipes to keep your devices clean and also the One Protection UK manufactured 60ml hand sanitizer.

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150 x 140 x 40mm
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5 working days
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price includes branded sticker
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50 £6.13 £6.13 £6.13 £6.13 £6.13 £6.13
100 £5.30 £5.30 £5.30 £5.30 £5.30 £5.30
250 £5.01 £5.01 £5.01 £5.01 £5.01 £5.01
500 £4.85 £4.85 £4.85 £4.85 £4.85 £4.85
1000 £4.48 £4.48 £4.48 £4.48 £4.48 £4.48
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Keep clear of germs with the 250ml bottle as it can be kept in your bag or sit comfortably on your desk or kitchen to wipe down surfaces. Removing 99.9% of bacteria, with a high 80% alcohol rate.

The 250ml pump bottle can sit on your desk and keep you clear from bacteria throughout the day. Removing 99.9% of bacteria, the high 70% alcohol rate gel is strong enough to remove even the toughest of germs.

Disposable vinyl gloves are a protective way to stop the spread of bacteria if used correctly. Going food shopping or using public transport? Simply put the gloves on at the start of your trip and dispose with at the end correctly. Plain stock, no branding or colour choice available for the gloves.