Direct Mail is not dead

Posted on Thursday, 1st September 2022

Direct Mail Is Not Dead


We talk about open rates, click-throughs, ‘cutting through the noise’ and crafting email subject lines that will capture attention. How much post does your office receive? 


How much mail do you receive at home? H&M and Matalan both have catalogues that they send out to members, non-profits are well-known for sending appeal letters and they kept doing it so it must be working! Have you seen an increase in mail from broadband and telecoms companies?


Which industries use direct mail the most?**

  • Estate Agents 

  • Car Dealerships

  • Charities/Non-Profits 

  • Marketing & Advertising Agencies (of course!)

  • Schools 

  • Medical Offices (GP, hospital letters etc)


Direct mail and your marketing


As opposed to a 20% open rate for email; 77% of consumers sort through the post as soon as they receive it! 


“67% of Americans considered physical mail more personal than the internet. Direct mail can be a great way to communicate sincerity and establish relationships.” We didn’t find a fact for the UK, but we agree it is more personal right?*


Who doesn’t prefers to receive a birthday card through the post rather than an e-card? Do you see the e-card or does your spam filter make that decision for you?


“An estimated 306 billion emails are sent and received every day in the world, but many of us still get delighted when we receive tangible items in our mailbox, such as postcards, letters from friends, and even direct mail marketing materials.” (Duplo International)


Direct mail and your  promotional merchandise


Do you like the sound of a direct mail campaign which includes branded gifts but you’re not sure how to keep it cost-effective reduce the amount of labour involved, manage postage and of course maximise impact?


Let us help you.


  1. We can help you keep your gift letterbox sized.

  2. We can help you brand your gift.

  3. The postage can be taken care of, just send us the address list.

  4. Read on for a snapshot of some of our direct mail-friendly merchandise.


Letterbox gifts


Things to love about our letterbox business gifts:


  • All of these gifts can be branded with your logo/details

  • You can include a personalised message

  • Additional items not sold by Initial Incentives can be included in the gift set, for a small fulfilment fee - for example if the total package weight is under 100g, you may want to add a membership or loyalty card?

  • 5-day turnaround time upon receipt of artwork, copy and customer addresses.


Direct mail letterbox gift set


Work from home letterbox gift set


Antimicrobial letterbox set


New Year hobbies letterbox gift


Christmas letterbox gift set


Have you got a little more budget in your pot? You might like to take a look at our Wow Box collection here:


For more direct mail-friendly campaign support and ideas please get in touch.