Great Gifts To Welcome New Starters

Posted on Tuesday, 23rd August 2022

Great gifts to welcome your new starters


According to BambooHR's onboarding survey; about 30% of all new employees leave their job within the first six months. What a nightmare, having to start the recruitment process all over again! 


Whilst at Initial Incentives we don’t profess to be the experts in staff retention and induction processes, we do know a lot of brilliant HR folk and a few things about company merchandise and how a little sprinkle of branded goodness can go a long way inside the company.


First day gifts for new staff


Many people’s first thought when it comes to branded merchandise is it’s something for clients. Staff will see a shipment of branded pens, t-shirts, company gadgets and gizmos arrive for an event, and off it goes out the door again never to be seen in the office as if it never even happened.


Why do we lavish clever and useful gifts upon our customers and not our loyal teams? And what about first impressions? Was your first day at your job a memorable one? Hopefully for the right reasons! Here are some ideas from us to make your new starter’s days one to remember:


Reasons to add company-branded merchandise to your induction process


  1. Make the new starter feel welcome! Make them feel special, like an essential part of the team and not an outsider peeking in the window (after all receiving gifts is one of the five love languages!)

  2. Give the new team member all the tools to make them comfortable at work and to do their job. There is nothing more annoying than not knowing where things are and what you might need - where do I order a notebook from, on what cost code from who in which office, what day are they in? Issue a few essential branded goodies in the starter pack, from branded notebook and tote bag to phone skin for the company mobile and company laptop case.


  1. Seasonal goodies - is this new team member going to be working by the back door of the warehouse all winter loading pallets? Give them a branded beanie and gloves to keep them warm! Is it a bit warm? How about a little branded desk fan or a branded water bottle?


  1. There is a lot of chatter around the value of staff or employee advocacy, you want your staff to feel good about where they work and say nice things about the organisation to their network voluntarily! Great for marketing and for recruitment, give employee advocacy a little boost and make people feel part of something special.


New starter gifts

We can provide fully branded staff welcome packs containing a few essentials and a few treats all wrapped up in one box. You can even include a personalised message.


Have your company welcome pack ready and waiting on your new starter’s desk, whether that’s in the office or delivered to their home office.


12 ideas for staff welcome packs


Here are our top suggestions for you to choose from to pop in your branded onboarding pack.


  • Lanyard

  • Pen

  • Notebook

  • Company mobile phone case

  • Company laptop cover/bag

  • Mobile phone charger

  • Workwear

  • Watter bottle

  • Coffee mug/travel mug

  • Tote bag

  • Wireless desk charger

  • Lunchbox


What else could we pop in there for you?

  • A little chocolatey treat?

  • Tea break biscuits?

  • A wellbeing gift for relaxing at the end of their first day, maybe an eye mask and scented candle to take home?


Take a look at some of the staff packs we’ve produced before for inspiration


Welcome gifts for new employees


What have you got in place to make a new starter feel welcome? Looking for something out of the ordinary that really aligns with your brand and corporate culture? Give us a shout, we have access to more merchandise than you can imagine. From sustainably sourced to locally sourced, to brand new innovations and handmade creations, get in touch and reassure your new starter they made the right choice to join the team at your organisation.