Exhibition season - your promotional merchandise checklist

Posted on Tuesday, 19th July 2022

Exhibition season - your promotional merchandise checklist

Events are back face to face!!!

You have a zillion things to get organised: the stand, the transport, getting in there before you can have your breakfast and making sure everything is delivered in the designated time slot before the doors open, have you booked your lighting and wifi? So many things… who’d be an event manager?!

We know, we really understand the number of forms you have to fill in, and all the things that you need to do, so let us take this off your plate whilst you talk to your printers, stand builders and electricians!

Event checklist:


1. Branded Pens

Yes pens, there a millions of pens to choose from, we are talking the basic bag filler takeaway and keeping your stand on brand,  let us narrow down for you:

Budget option: https://www.initialincentives.com/products/branded-pens/printed-ballpens/312-11218/storm-ballpen


One you’ve probably ordered before: https://www.initialincentives.com/products/branded-pens/printed-ballpens/312-11162/newport-ballpen-colour-barrel


Eco option: https://www.initialincentives.com/products/branded-pens/printed-ballpens/312-11010/ballpen-with-cardboard-barrel


rPET certified materials from water and soda bottles:



  1. Branded Sweets

Branded sweeties will bring people to your stand… and you can reel them in.


Branded lollipops - yep!



Minty fresh! This mint card is heart-shaped but there are all sorts of shapes from trucks to houses available to fit with your brand. Who wouldn’t keep hold of one of these?



  1. Bottles of water

Same as above, give people a reason to get up close and attract their attention.


  1. Branded Bags

Bags for your printed materials and sample giveaways.

Go tote for longer life, put your stand number on it and keep it environmentally friendly; it is estimated that the average 5,000-person event creates over 7,500 pounds/3,401 kg of rubbish which goes to landfill. (Source: UKTECH, 2022).


The original budget tote:



Eco option:

Eco recycled cotton tote shopper, the fabric used to manufacture this bag is 70% recycled cotton from off cuts, waste cotton and towels blended with 30% polyester PET. Due to it's totally recycled nature, every bag and batch will differ.



Paper bag



  1. Branded Coffee Cups
    Have you got a coffee machine on your stand? (we hope you have)


Made of natural rice husk, good value, and eco-friendly:



So many colours to choose from to match your brand:



Remember: 69% of consumers would pick up a promotional product if they thought it was useful. (Source: Sage Blog)


  1. Branded Water Bottles



Post-event gift ideas


Once the event is over what will you do with all that data you gathered? Why not send them something special…? (that fits in an envelope).

48% of consumers would like to receive promotional products more often. (Source: Sage Blog)


Here are a few of our favourites for inspiration:


Sprout pencil - when it’s all used up you can plant it!



Sticky note and pen set:



Mousemat and coaster set


Wafer mouse - perfect for those who travel:



Event goody bags


If you are holding an event and thinking about goody bags, or how to incorporate branded items into your online event, check out another helpful blog: https://www.initialincentives.com/blog/2022/04/27/our-guide-to-online-event-gifts-and-goody-bags


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