What is a Wow Box?

Posted on Tuesday, 28th June 2022

What is a Wow Box?


Branded gift box ideas for businesses


At Initial Incentives, we love a Wow Box. Why? There’s nothing boring about a Wow Box, from start to finish the Wow Box is entirely unique for each client. Our Wow Boxes are perfect for product launches, staff loyalty gifts, business birthday boxes and customer loyalty gifts.


In this blog, we thought we’d answer a collection of frequently asked questions about the Wow Box.


  1. What can be branded in a Wow Box?


Everything about the Wow Box can be branded according to your brand guidelines and style guide. The cardboard box, sleeves for the products inside and the merchandise itself can all be branded. A special occasion like ‘25 year celebration’ can be added to products and their packaging. 


  1. Can each gift box be personalised?


Yes! You have the option to choose items to be included in the Wow Box which can be personalised with a client or team member’s name. This might be anything from a power bank to a water bottle.


  1. What can go in the Wow Box?


Anything that fits! You can include anything from a water bottle to perishables like coffee or branded chocolate gifts sets, and your catalogue or brochure.


  1. Can the Wow Box be gift-wrapped?


Yes, there is a range of gift wrap options to choose from.


  1. Can a message be included in the Wow Box?


Yes! A personalised note or card can be included to keep it personal and share your message.


  1. Can Wow Boxes be sent directly to client addresses?


Wow Boxes can be shipped to multiple addresses, and strict policies are in place to ensure GDPR compliance. We will also manage any returns and tracking information on your behalf. This means you don’t need any space to store your Wow Boxes or to spend time on shipping from your site.


10 Corporate Wow Box gift ideas


New catalogue update: send your catalogue in a branded Wow Box, include a powerbank, a key chain multi-charger, notebook or earphones.


Fitness challenge gift box: include earphones (for runners or gym goers), sports towel, safety light for fitness after dusk, how about a water bottle, embroidered baseball cap or resistance band?


Staff reward gift box: include a personalised/engraved water bottle and personalised lunch box with their name on.


Office worker gift box: include a laptop sleeve, mousemat, notebook or a wireless charger.


Work from home Wow Box: why not include a wireless speaker, desk fan, tote bag or notebook and pen gift set?


New starter welcome pack: wireless charging pen pot, notebook with pockets for mobile phone and pen, travel coffee cup and a mouse.


Wow Box goody bag for event attendees: include a branded water bottle or travel coffee cup, notebook and pen.


Travel set gift: options include an eye mask, travel pillow, travel toothbrush, foldable hairbrush and transparent liquids travel bag.


Cookery gift set: include an embroidered apron, oven gloves, corkscrew and recipe book.This can be great for team cook-alongs online! We recently produced a pancake day box with all the ingredients for a pancake day challenge.


Family fun gift set: include a game, maybe dominoes or mikado? We also offer a 5 in 1 games set. Options include bubble blowing sets, children’s colouring bag, branded gingerbread men, fidget toys and frisbees.


If you are interested in finding out more about how Wow Boxes could work for you, please get in touch with any questions we haven’t answered here. Take a look at some Wow Box examples: http://www.myinitialcatalogue.co.uk/WOWBOX/


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