Make your team feel special with company merchandise

Posted on Wednesday, 8th June 2022

Make your team feel special with company merchandise


Branded merchandise isn’t just for potential and current clients, but is the perfect gift (when done well) for your internal teams! How often do people from around the building like to dip their fingers in the branded pen pot or see what’s being given away at the next exhibition or trade show? (Meanwhile, you’re frantically trying to keep their sticker fingers away so you have something left to take with you!)


Employee gifts to boost morale


Giving gifts to employees makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy, but we know it might not always be easy to get that budget line approved, so here are a few reasons to invest in branded merchandise for staff:


Research from Elon University in North Carolina shows that doing things for others improves happiness levels. By giving a gift, employees receive an unexpected present, and employers get to show teams that they are valued, everyone gets a little sprinkle of happiness in their day!


59% of employees who receive a promotional product from their employer have a more favourable impression of their workplace. (Source: Brandon Gaille Small Business and Marketing Advice)


And not forgetting your employee advocacy strategy, if this is what makes those signing off the budget listen: employee advocacy increases your brand reach by 561%, so the more your staff shout about your brand, the better (Source: Forbes). 


Strengthening staff loyalty through taking time outside from assigning tasks, and discussing deadlines to give a gift helps employees, will allow them to feel valued and enhance their personal connection with the company.


First day gifts for new employees


Do you remember your first day? Did you feel special or terrified? Welcome or nervous? A welcome gift is a great ice breaker, a conversation starter, and a way to make the best first impression on new starters, after all, you want them to stick around!


At Initial Incentives we can create branded industry-relevant welcome packs just like this one for the construction industry:


We have a huge collection of sustainable merchandise that can be branded and sourced to align with your organisation’s values.


New starter gift ideas:


A mug or water bottle might seem obvious, but it means your new starter has one to call their own which can be added to a new starter welcome kit. We offer mugs with chalk for adding a name or milk and sugar requests!


A branded treat box for first-day sustenance:




You can choose a selection of gifts to be included in your very own bespoke branded gift box from tote bags to laptop cases, notebooks and pens to lunchboxes, portable chargers, and branded clothing.


Employee appreciation gifts


On average, we spend approximately 13 years and two months of our lives at work! (Source: What can we do to show those that show up that we are grateful for their hard work? With all that time spent at work, perhaps these employee wellness gifts might be a welcome option:


Five wellbeing gifts ideas for staff


  1. Gratitude journal: encourage staff to use this at home and at work for reflection.

  2. Photo frame: perfect for a printed pic of loved ones or a favourite getaway memory.

  3. A little painting time: give staff permission to take time out, perfect for an in-house away day exercise:

  4. A bamboo massager: an excellent take-home gift after a tiring day at work.

  5. How about a puzzle for a bit of time away from the screen? We have lots to choose from, here’s our Rubik’s cube-style puzzle - you choose the images.


Whether you are building an employee loyalty program or have a business birthday coming up, we can offer everything from branded mugs to bespoke hampers for staff. Take a look at our online catalogue or give us a call and we’ll come up with plenty of ideas for you to choose from.