Our Favourite Branded Giveaways For Summer Time

Posted on Wednesday, 11th May 2022

Our favourite branded giveaways for summer time 


Summer is coming…


...And so are the festivals, parades, sporting events, events at the beach and outdoor shows!


Summer is the season for getting outside and embracing the longer, warmer days!


Let’s get straight into our favourite branded merchandise options for the summer season:


Branded sunglasses


The ultimate summer essential, first up of course, is branded sunglasses. Sunglasses tick all the boxes for something to include in your summer merchandise collection, not only are they useful (we’ve all had a pair), they are like the poncho at Legoland, when you need it, you need it. No-one wants the sun in their eyes, not only for protection but to see what you’re doing! An added bonus of these being worn is that everyone that person sees, sees the glasses and they will no doubt feature in many a selfie. We all love something useful, helpful and there are so many styles, colours and options to choose from to fit with your branding: Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)


 Beach-ready merchandise


We came up with a pretty long list for this… you might be holding a beach party, an away day at the beach, a beach themed party (with an artificial beach), sponsoring a beach-based event or festival, whatever the seaside connection is, it suggests having a great time!


Here’s a snippet of some of the promotional merchandise ideas we have come up with, all can be branded, these can be ordered individually or grouped together in a wow box or hamper for your recipients.


Frisbee Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)
Water gun Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

Beach ball Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)
Mini beach bucket set 

Foldable beach mat Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

Branded beach towel Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

A branded tote bag to put it all in! Zeus small non-woven convention tote bag :: Tote Bags :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)


Summer drinkware


Keep hydrated with cool water or treat yourself to an iced coffee in one of our many reusable drink bottles and insulated branded coffee cups.


Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

Keep it sustainable: Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)




BBQ season is in full swing right now, as soon as those bank holidays begin the burgers and the baps are nowhere to be seen by 11am in the supermarket. Why not put together the ultimate branded BBQ accessories for clients or as a team reward? 


Can cooler Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

Silicone cup holder Silicon Cup Holder :: Drink Accessories :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

Cooler bag to keep the picnic chilled Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

Branded picnic blanket Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

Branded BBQ apron Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

BBQ set Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)


Just for fun, what about an umbrella for that classic barbecuing in the rain photo?

Golf umbrella Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)


Summer sports fun merchandise


Branded takeaways with fun attached are a great way of cutting through the noise with your branding. That gentle, subtle reminder and association with teamwork, giving a gift that someone can enjoy, make use of outside of the office and the working day can be just what it takes to put a smile on a client or staff member’s face.  


If you are holding a sporting event, representing a team or restocking your merchandise shop, get in touch for more inspiration and the latest trends in branded sports gifts.


Branded football Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

Branded rugby ball Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

Kite Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

Branded bat and ball Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

Branded deck chairs perfect for the spectators! Deckchair :: Picnic Accessories :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)


Festival giveaway ideas


Late nights, even later mornings, loud music, food trucks, entertainment, performances… Whether it’s a carnival, foodie festival, music festival or family funday event, we’ve got some ideas for you…


Solar powerbank Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)
Mobile phone charger Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)
Bottle opener Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)v

Rain poncho (you just never know when a poncho might come to the rescue) Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)

Tote bag Search :: Initial Incentives (online-catalogue.net)


Summer ready gift pack


If you would prefer something readymade to send out in the post, or present at the end of a big staff conference, take a look at our summer gift set all ready to be branded up , packed and presented:


This cool promo gift set includes the 750ml Tarn PET sports bottle, Sunglasses, Ralli Bottle Opener keyring and lightweight Pegasus Drawstring Bag.




Promotional merchandise ideas for you

You can find so many more promotional merchandise ideas in our website catalogue, if you’re feeling stuck and uninspired when it comes to promotional merchandise to accompany your external or internal event, to restock your branded merchandise shop, send out to your branches or to gift to your members please give us a call and we’ll chat through your brief and together we can come up with some on-brand solutions.