Our Guide To Online Event Gifts And Goody Bags

Posted on Wednesday, 27th April 2022

Our guide to online event gifts and goody bags


Virtual events and hybrid events are here to stay - and why not? Not only are the events more environmentally friendly, able to reach audiences around the country and even the world but we all know how to use Zoom by now!


We have seen online events in all industries, for events of all sizes, from huge annual conferences to small workshop series.


Have you thought about how you can add something extra special to your online or hybrid event? How about the virtual goodybag? When we say virtual, there are so many options, we’ll delve into each of these, essentially they fall into two camps:


  1. Redemption: You can send a code via email to attendees to allow them to claim a branded gift from your own redemption site.

  2. Readymade: You choose the items for a bespoke branded hamper or wow box to be delivered to attendees.


Organisations are using virtual event goody bags to further engage with their audience and to build brand awareness. Can you remember who hosted all of the online events you’ve attended over the last couple of years? Eek! Neither can we, but what if you received a brilliant gift? It might even be sitting on your desk right now.


The digital goody bag: Promotional gift redemption ideas


Put simply, you send attendees a code, they go to your online shop and choose their item. You could have different codes for different membership levels or attendees.


This could be a code sent to the winner of your online event competition, the top 10 who got the answers correct in the quiz.


This could happen on registration: ‘sign up’ to receive your branded merchandise, or at the end of an event to keep attendees on board until the end of the event. 


This could be signing up for an online event and indicating a preference before the event, e.g. tea or coffee, wine or beer, size of t-shirt, whatever you might be intending on sending to online event delegates. 


Initial Incentives creates redemption platforms for just this purpose.


When to send your online event giveaways


Send ahead of the event: ask recipients to tag and share on social media with a photo of their goodybag - encouraging other sign ups from their network that you might not otherwise be able to reach with your own marketing efforts.


In advance: You could ask them to use or wear the item during the event, and even tag themselves in photos on social media (using your event hashtag and handle).

After the event: Send the gift a week or so after the event as a little reminder for follow ups, and a way to keep the conversation going.


These gifts will even make it home or to the office as you are sending them directly and not relying on an attendee carrying their goodies home on the train.


Virtual event gift bag tips


  • Make sure to ask for attendees postal addresses

  • Build in delivery lead times to your planning

  • Make sure everyone claims their digital gift bag, if not remind them! Another opportunity to get in touch.

  • Don’t send something overly generous that might raise a red flag in anti-bribery policies
    Send something that can be used during the event

  • If you are sending an experience type virtual goody bag for use during the event, make sure to add it to the agenda so everyone knows what’s happening and they don’t eat all the food goodies before you get started!


Bespoke postal hamper delivery


At Initial Incentives we offer everything from wellness kits for wellbeing days, branded kit for experiences; how about some chocolate tasting, coffee tasting, pizza making kit, pancake day flipping recipes in a lovely branded box? We have seasonal supplies from Easter to Christmas, and summer festival vibes to corporate anniversary celebration ideas, all fit for an annual conference or company virtual get together celebration.


And finally on virtual event merchandise…


Virtual swag bags, conference goodie bags, digital goody bags will add value to your online event and also mean that you don’t have to stuff another event bag ever again in your marketing and events career!!!


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