Branding your business: Food for thought

Posted on Thursday, 6th December 2018
Branding your business: Food for thought on doing it right
Small businesses may be forgiven for thinking that branding isn’t a concern for them. The truth is, it’s a deep and complex subject, but much of that complexity lies in the larger scale of things. Smaller businesses need it too, and their approach is much simpler and easier. 
Here are a few considerations for getting it right. Branding your own business starts with a few common considerations, so let’s take a look. Before you know it, you’ll be picking through your choice of branded merchandise companies in London and beyond. 
It’s all about the audience
A brand is mainly the image you present to your audience. You can see where we’re going here: you need to know who and what they are before you can start to craft an image. Skip out this stage, and you’re liable to throw money into a pit – without getting the ROI you know you need. 
This doesn’t mean you change the core of what you are; far from it. Instead, you simply understand the ‘lens’ the audience views you through, and you match your story to fit that.
Start modest
Larger businesses will need to consider much more than smaller ones where branding is concerned.  Branding your business as a start-up doesn’t involve the swathes of internal and training documents that are common to larger establishments. 
This is a great thing to keep in mind when starting off. Limiting the scope of your branding to the essentials, and relating that to your audience, is a more modest approach that will still bear fruit as your company grows.
Test it
Testing your newly minted branding is an important step, and you can get feedback on the cheap from friends and family that will help pick out what works and what doesn’t. This stage is important; you’re taking a guess in the dark at best without it. 
If you have the time, consider a few subtle variations of story and focus that you can receive feedback on. More data is always better here, and it could save you a lot of time indeed. 
Helpful hints from a friendly team
Three interesting points on branding your business. Great! If you’re interested in how we can help with our range of bespoke merchandise, drop by our website main page to see what’s on offer.