Using Eco-Friendly Branded Products

Posted on Friday, 16th November 2018

Saving the planet and building your business: Both possible with eco-friendly branded products

It’s an important time for our planet’s health, and climate change – and corporate social responsibility as a whole – is at the forefront of discussion for decision-makers and executives.

This is a golden opportunity for you: eco-friendly promotional items are fun, effective and friendly to the small blue dot that is Earth. Here’s why:


They generate the right kind of buzz

We often talk about the ‘buzz’ a branded item makes, and eco-friendly merchandise is no exception. When you’re investing in branded goodies, you want them to be talked about for the right reasons.

This is where eco-friendly products really shine; the way in which they are produced is a talking point in itself, and the more people discuss and look at your products, the better. Easy.


They stand out

As always, standing out from the competition matters. Recycled promotional products are somewhat non-standard, and that’s only a good thing for a business that is about to hit a trade show filled with competing booths and stalls.

By using eco-friendly merch, you instantly cut out a portion of the competition in this respect. That’s a big advantage off the bat, and it translates into more business for you and your team.


They’re great for your own businesses’ CSR

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – is important from within too! If your company wants to embody this subject and be seen as progressive in how they affect the environment, swapping to eco-friendly promotional items can be a great ‘quick win’ to show to the upper management.

Benefits for your business from inside and out – not bad at all!


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