Effective Use Of Branded Merchandise For Trade Shows And Expos

Posted on Thursday, 15th November 2018

Expo or trade show coming up? Skim through our tips on how to get those branded goodies done right

That all-important trade show is coming up. It’s a serious opportunity for your company to get noticed, and the floor is swimming with a dizzying number of valuable prospects. Competition is fierce as always, so you’d better be prepared with the right approach – and trade show giveaways - to help you stand out and win business. After all, who has ever complained of receiving too much free stuff?


Here’s what to think about:

Are your items tailored to your audience?

It’s easy to get a little too enthusiastic when selecting your executive promotional gifts! You’ll want to make sure that you have the right logos on your products to reflect your company, but think a little deeper about it. If you’re promoting a sales company, for instance, look at tailoring your merch with formats useful to the client, such as branded notebooks and organisational tools.


Are the goodies useful?

Similar but different to our last point! When you’re gathering your trade show giveaways, make sure their quality is up to scratch, and that they are the kind of items the prospective client will actually use. You can get smart here and think about the wider experience for them: are they travelling by plane? If so, avoid large items that will compete with luggage space – they might get thrown out at the airport.


What’s the competition up to?

Competitor analysis: you can’t live without it. If you’ve got a big trade show coming up, get creative. Are there any similar shows you can attend beforehand to gather intel? You might be surprised to see what other businesses are using for their branded goodies, and you’ll get to watch first-hand how effective they are (or aren’t!). 


We can help

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