Why Have Branded Merchandise

Posted on Wednesday, 12th September 2018

Brand matters more than many businesses think. It’s easy to understand why: we can’t touch it, and it’s harder to measure than just a sale. But if 77% of B2B market leaders say it’s critical to the growth of a business, there must be something there!


What is a brand exactly?

Simply put, brands exist in the minds of our customers. It’s a personality that describes a business or service, and it’s made up from elements like designs, symbols and name. In the modern world – where customers expect a story with their product – it’s essential.


Is it really worth the investment?

Achieving a strong, healthy brand is about more than just growth. It offers protection. If you can achieve a positive brand image for your company you’ll enjoy increased customer loyalty. This not only protects your existing business but gives future growth a serious kick-start.

You need hard numbers, though, not fancy words! Here they are: reports show us that the average increase in revenue attributed to consistently presenting and building a brand is no less than 23%. The Harvard Business Review states that 64% of consumers cite shared values as the reason they have a buying relationship with a brand.

Serious figures right there, and profit that is yours the taking.


Why focus on branded merchandise?

Several reasons; these are the key ones.

A primary benefit of branded merchandise is the simple fact that promotional items and gifts are kept for a long time. Studies vary, but the average is around a year; a year of improvement to brand awareness that is often spread amongst many people.

Promotional products also cost less than other types of advertising. Television ads, radio spots and more are undeniably effective, but they come at a serious cost. Branded merchandise is more modestly priced.


Build your brand today

We hope you’ve found our latest blog helpful! Investing in branded merchandise can take your business from strength to strength. If you’d like to know more, drop us an email or call the team right away.